Presentation of the F.E.C.E.C

Managers are a key part of companies, as well as of the economy as a whole. They are involved in all types of technological, economic, industrial and social changes.
The F.E.C.E.C. is a professional, European federation, which is part of the C.E.C. (European Federation of Managers). The F.E.C.E.C’s aim is to study and represent, on a European and international level, the moral, professional, economic and social interest of managers in the financial sector, including banking and credit companies. Trade unions from several countries, such as Belgium, France, Poland, Italy, Portugal and Spain are already members of the F.E.C.E.C.

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Why F.E.C.E.C. ?

A social Europe is an integral and essential part of the creation of the European Union. However, is a sphere which has not been organised with as much will and enthusiasm as its European equivalent, in areas such as energy, industry, trade or agriculture.
Managers who work in the credit and financial institutions are thus, at the heart of the financial system, and therefore at the heart of the whole issue of a social Europe.
Thus, the F.E.C.E.C, as an independent federation, is committed to finding answers to the restructuring and concentrations in companies across the sector; to the impact of welfare plans and of new technologies on the workforce, and on traditional trades, by strengthening and increasing the harmonization in a nascent Europe.
Together with the C.E.C, the F.E.C.E.C reaffirms the values which make a manager a responsible part of the corporate culture, and of society, within the new context of globalization and sustainable and long-term development. European harmonization is all the more necessary, as the European Union continues to grow. Naturally, European enlargement towards the east and the south implies that candidate countries face a double challenge: to undertake economic and social reforms in their respective countries.

In order to successfully undertake these reforms, the participation of social partners is essential, both at a national and European level. In Europe’s current state of development, social dialogue, the participation of both employer and trade union organizations are crucial to the success of the reform process, as well as to the preparation of candidate countries’ accession to the European Union.

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