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Managers are a key part of companies, as well as of the economy as a whole. They are involved in all types of technological, economic, industrial and social changes. The F.E.C.E.C. is a professional, European federation, which is part of the C.E.C. (European Federation of Managers). The F.E.C.E.C’s aim is to study and represent, on a European and international level, the moral, professional, economic and social interest of managers in the financial sector, including banking and credit companies. Trade unions from several countries, such as Belgium, France, Poland, Italy, Portugal and Spain are already members of the F.E.C.E.C.

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Next steering committee : Friday, May 20, 2022 in Krakow

F.E.C.E.C’s Philosophy

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“Green finance” is a concept that defines the financial actions and operations that promote energy transition and the fight against global warming.

Finance has a major role in allocating resources in the economy. However, traditional finance directs savings towards the most profitable projects, without taking into account the environmental aspects of the investments made. Green finance, on the other hand, finances projects that do not harm the environment or allow the development of a sustainable economy.

A Social Europe
This means going beyond the single market as the sole objective of European construction and promoting real social dialogue in Europe and within European banking institutions. Economic or health crises cannot be used as a pretext for unilateral decisions by governments or employers, particularly in areas that concern trade union organizations. That would even be a serious mistake. Countries with a strong social dialogue are best capable to deal with crises.

A strong European banking sector

A Europe that must defend its banking sector, an activity that is so strategic. This starts with a level playing field with non-EU banks and a certain stability in regulatory frameworks.
Europe must promote a strong banking Europe at the service of its citizens, be they entrepreneurs or employees, a banking industry at the service of its economy and equal to the challenges it faces.
Here the banks have a great responsibility through training in digital technology, Artificial Intelligence, the green economy, data analysis, all these new technologies and new markets to master and conquer, in the service of growth, employment, happy employees who find meaning in their work and who can project themselves into it.

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